Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Run Down

I don't like to write things that are not kinda funny but Michael says that I need to tell you more about how tired I am. So here I go. I am tired. Some days more than others the spring is gone from my step, the energizer bunny finally runs down, and Tigger stops bouncing, my curls even droop. Yesterday was one of those days. I stayed in bed most of the day. Okay, all day then had a terrible night of tossing and turning except when I was asleep having nightmares. Today though I am up again. Not really bouncing but definitely up. I am packing to go to Atlanta with my Knight to visit Edward (Michael's brother) and Tia. Only the two of us are going. I am looking forward to the time with them. And they have a comfy couch.

p.s. we think that someone living here might have the flu (Hillary) Please pray for her and for the rest of us to stay well. Thanks

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clean Feet

Last weekend we had the honor of a visit from a beautiful princess and two warrior kings. They are from the land called "Gator Nation." This people group, while originating in North Central Florida has spread to all 50 states and beyond. There is a fairly small and quite unstable group right here in western North Carolina. These dignitaries brought with them strength of character and body, humility and purpose, healing and hope, besides that we laughed a lot.

Thank you Danita, Michael and John for "washing our feet" last weekend. No kiddin' my feet are so clean that my toenails are shiny.
( John 13:1-17)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chicken Soup

Here I am one week out (from chemo) and feeling fine. Actually I have a cold or allergies or something. I feel like a chinchilla has taken up residence in my face. I chased him out yesterday with a couple tylenol and about a gallon of water but the little bugger moved back in during the night. I am up and at it again this morning. Today for school we are having "health and wellness" and "home-ec" . Trevor is learning the physical and emotional healing properties of chicken soup and how to make it. Can't wait 'till lunch!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Short and Sweet?

Hey, I just figured out that I can do this in COLOR!!!

Seriously, Mom was way too excited about the color.

Okay, sorry. You should know that little things are sometimes big to me and another thing you may or may not know...underneath this silver crown of mine there are very blonde roots.

What I started to say before I was distracted by "color" ( it's too hard to change after every letter) is that tomorrow is my next chemo day. It's hard to believe that I am on #3 already. Thanks for all the prayers and food and for sometimes posting on my blog. All of those things make my life shinier.
You are the best and I love you all!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Do

Once upon a time there was a little girl with fair curly hair who loved many things. She loved her sisters, though not every minute. She loved her parents, though she couldn't quite obey them all the time. She loved animals, and they had a lot of them, chickens, cows, rabbits, goats and dogs, but no kitty cats. She loved the out doors and to run. She loved to go fishing and to sit in her Daddy's lap. She love to go to the fair and eat strawberries in the spring, to go swimming and eat cold watermelon in the summer, to roll in piles of leaves in fall and open Christmas presents in winter. Of all the things that this little girl loved , more than anything else she loved babies. She dreamed of the day when she would have one of her very own, actually she wanted four.

(p.s. the one in the front is me, my hair got curlier later, Donna is in back and the beautiful princess is Mama)

As her hair grew darker this little girls grew taller until one day she was taller than her mother. Upon closer inspection she realized that her height was not the only thing that had changed and that she really was a woman. Since she was now all grown up she got married and before long she held in her hands a real live baby boy that was hers to keep. That's when she found out that her heart too had grown, otherwise it could not have held all the love that she had for her son.

As the son grew so did his hair. It was not curly like hers but thin and straight. It was so thin that the girl thought that the best thing to do would be to let it grow to all one length so that the hair would look thick, that all the hairs would stand side by side and create an army of blonde soldiers. Instead it looked more like bits of string hanging. A wise woman told her something, that to this little Mama sounded very not quite right, she said "Cut it".

This is Ians first haircut and the wise woman was right. He looked better with a little "shaping".

I guess you figured out by now that the little girl that loved babies was me. I told that you story to say that what the wise woman said back then is still true. If you have thin hair it is best to cut it. Mine was starting to look like a possum that lost a fight with a hedge trimmer, so I have had a haircut myself. I don't look as cute as Ian did but you cannot see my pink little noggin unless you really look. I told my Daddy that if I have to cut it shorter that would be okay because then I would look just like him, which is something the little girl with curly hair always wanted.