Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Have Loved You

Last week I was " just not right". I knew I needed a walk up the mountain to challenge my body and lift my spirits. Besides, I knew where there were wild iris blooming. They bloom in a secret hiding place every year. I walked up kinda dragging my heart behind me. I passed my mother-in-laws house, went off Chinquapin Trail and onto a little used path the goes right on up the mountain . I crossed the stream getting my toes just a little bit wet. I didn't even care.Up the path a ways a tree had fallen across the path. I crawled over it and walked on. I was on a quest for wild iris' and Jesus.

I got to the place where the iris bed is. It is a wild bed planted by the One who plants all woodland beds. It wasn't there. I walked onward and upward because, even without the flowers, God speaks peace to me in this wood. As I walked I cried out, "My password to all my accounts is soaring (now clearly I have to change it). My heart has now soared in a very long time. Please, speak truth to me."

Immediately a voice inside my heart said, "I have loved you with an everlasting love."

My response was. " I know that but...."

That was as far as I got because at that second my gaze dropped and there was a whole garden of wild iris.

He really does

I am speechless,

and soaring!


Brother John said...

Wow! What an uplifting passage to read first thing in the morning. I'm happy that you saw the wild iris and heard the One who gave them to you.

Mrs, Bailey said...

He does love us with a Everlasting Love. We know that but ( Don't you just love the buts in the Bible ) sometimes we don't feel it and just have to be reminded. The Lord knows the end to our story and we just fail to trust. Trust what a powerful word and sometimes it is just so hard to Trust.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day!!!!!!!
Love you Bailey