Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flower Beds

Hi everybody,

The weather here in the mountains  of North Carolina has just gotten warm enough to really get in the yard, so in case you've missed me, that's where I have been. I have been weeding flower beds, spreading mulch, fertilizing, pruning, and planting flowers that I brought home frome Daddy's He gave me zinnas, marigolds, mexican petunias, a trumpet flower and some other kind that I can't remember the name of. So far they are still alive. I have dirt under my fingernails and in my shoes and, the day Allison "helped" me, I had dirt ground in from head to toe. She thought that we should look like we had been working. We did.

I would love to send you pics of me in the dirt but there are some things  that need to remain a secret, like how I look one work days.

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Mrs, Bailey said...

Now Debbi girl you know you are beautiful, even with dirt on you, your finger nails, in your hair, on your feet. It will wash off but it sure is fun putting it there. I can't imagine what my place will look like when I get home. All most 3 months I will be gone. I hope the weeds don't grow fast.

Have fun, celebrate new life of flowers and plants and most of all Debbi new life free cancer. Praise Our Lord
Love you, Bailey